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Translation of Graffiti

das Graffiti the graffiti    

Translation by Vocabulix


weiter Graffiti machen continue doing graffiti
Graffiti; Wandschmierereien graffiti
Graffiti graffiti

Dear Maximilian, I look forward to your visit in Switzerland. After a somewhat difficult start, it seems that we have increased the website traffic and we are starting to receive more visitors.
Thanks a lot. My wife, daughter and I came back with a flu from the Swiss mountains, but now we are getting better. How are you? 'Vos' is only used in antique Spanish as 'usted', in the singular form of course.
I was very lazy, and I've preferred conversation in German... so that is why I do not learn English anymore, I sometimes chat with friends from London. see ya soon. Anja.
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