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Translation of größtenteils

größtenteils largely    ; mostly    
größtenteils mainly    

Translation by Vocabulix


größtenteils, meistens mostly
größtenteils; meistens mostlx

Let me know how we can proceed and how I could help you further. I am looking forward to share lessons and maybe meet you in person in Singapore one day. Kind regards to you and your wife.
I even put on my Poncho, a plastic rain coat, in order to protect myself from the aircon-breeze. Somehow I managed to fall asleep and woke up at around six in the morning when we approach Palenque.
Once at the island we climbed up the limestone mountain and got a superb view of the entire bay area. The cave by itself was also impressive and our guide explained about how this cave was discovered.
Most common translations: gewunden    genmanipuliert    geborgen    frisch    fladern    faltig    erster    erforschend    entfremden    einstürzen