German Dictionary

Translation of geborgen

geborgen snug    

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Sample sentences:
Miranda fühlte sich in Matts Armen geborgen und glücklich.

Miranda felt snug and happy in Matt's arms.

Boston is kind of huge neighborhood, generally very friendly people and you may meet many people that you already know. So it is pretty easy to get used to and if you grow up there, you don't wanna leave. If you do, you are going to miss it terribly.
Yes, but I was unable to work on this yesterday, and today will be almost impossible too. Between tomorrow and Sunday you'll have quite a few more entries in the system. I just wanted to know how it is going.
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Most common translations: frisch    fladern    faltig    erster    erforschend    entfremden    einstürzen    einfach    durchgedreht    dir