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Translation of einfach

einfach  simple     
einfach  simple     
einfach easy    ; simple    ; plain    ; single    ; just    ; simply    
einfach primitive    ; elementary    

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Sample sentences:
Das hier ist keine Gedankenübertragung - der alte Mann ist einfach aufmerksam.

This is not telepathy, the old man is simply attentive.
Der Koch erklärte, dass ein Hackebeil dieser Ordnung nicht einfach von jedermann benutzt werden konnte. The chef explained that a chopper of this order could not simply be used by anyone.
Er war einfach sein Komplize geworden, weil er naiv war. He had become his accomplice simply because he was naive.
gewöhnlich; gemeinsam; allgemein, einfach common
gewöhnlich; alltäglich; einfach ordinary
einfach simple, plain, simply
(schlicht und) einfach simply
einfach; ebenso jolly well
bescheiden; einfach modest
schlicht, einfach mundane
einfach , einzeln single
einfach, schlicht simple

Everybody knows about the Indian summer which is famous for it strong and shiny atmosphere in the woods. That is why i wanted to see it too. So, last Saturday morning we left Boston and drove North-West.
it was great talking to you. I am so happy that you are married. Here are our pictures. Please send me the pictures of you, your husband, the wedding and of course of your baby dog Vasco.
We took many images and stayed there for over three hours, just enjoying the view. We finally went back to Kowloon with the subway, where we went to eat Sushi in a vivid, dynamic restaurant.
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