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Translation of easy in German

easy      leicht 
easy     einfach

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Sample sentences:
The quiz was not easy, but the candidate had a perceptive mind.

Das Quiz war nicht einfach, doch der Kandidat hatte einen scharfsinnigen Verstand.
Persuasive advertising is not easy to create. Überzeugende Werbung ist nicht einfach zu kreieren.
Recapture of this market was not an easy task, but we did it. Die Rückeroberung dieses Marktes war keine leichte Aufgabe, aber wir schafften es.
egg; eggs over easy; eggs sunny-side up ei; spiegeleier beidseitig; spiegeleier
easy going, unconcerned unbekümmert
rest; take it easy schonen; ausruhen
easy-going gelassen; unbeschwert
easy-going gelassen; entspannt
easy access einfacher Zugang
easy-going locker drauf
easy-going lässig
easy - easily leicht

I've got a question. What is a woodpecker? I learn English without teacher and without conversation. I think you should look on the bright side. See what do you already know and to be proud of.
Please correct me, if i misspelled something! Where are you living? What are you doing in your life? I hope it's okay if i correct your mistakes. I wish you could do the same for me, it will help my writing skills.
We left town and drove around the lake. Around 30 minutes after leaving we had a flat tire, which I changed immediately. That was very annoying as the rental company asked us to fix the flat tire.
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