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Groß in English

groß  big     
groß big    ; great    
groß large    

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Sample sentences:
Der Ahorn warf einen großen Schatten auf unser Haus.

The sycamore cast a large shadow on our house.
Tim Conti war ein großer Stilist, was Innendekor anging. Tim Conti was a great stylist when it came to interior design.
Die traditionelle japanische Kunst legt großen Wert auf Einfachheit. Traditional Japanese art emphasizes simplicity.
gewaltig; enorm; groß enormous; very large
Körpergröße, groß height
aufwachsen, groß werden grow up
Groß Britannien Great Britain
groß; hoch gewachsen tall; big
groß,wichtig,bedeutend major
gewaltig, enorm groß enormous
sehr groß (Mensch) very tall
groß (angelegt) large-scale

After a wonderful mountain breakfast with a hot chocolate drink one can enjoy the view by looking outside the window and seeing the white landscape, high mountains and the sun reflected in the white powder.
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I chose a room in the center of town. I went to the northern beach of the island which was supposedly the most beautiful one. There were many young tourist lying in the sand but I still felt foreign.
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