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Translation of haften

haften to adhere    ; to cling    

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Sample sentences:
Lehrer haften nicht für die Straftaten ihrer Schüler.

Teachers cannot be held accountable for their students' crimes.
sich festklammern; an etw. hängen; an etw. haften to cling to sth.
haften to stick

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I would gladly be your friend, but I must admit that I have little time for learning because of my work. Maybe we can talk now and see how it goes. If it goes well I can return home earlier.
Mike hello! The sleeping bag for May is on its way! Should be there on Tuesday. Shipping to the U.S. would take 2 weeks ... If it does not work, it does not matter anyway. I do not care about anything.
Most common translations: gleichfalls    gerichtlich    gefälscht    frühlingshaft    fluchen    faulenzen    erwiesen    erhältlich    entkörperlichen    einweichen   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of adhere   [ adhered, adhered ]
Conjugation of cling   [ clung, clung ]