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Translation of Haken

haken to hook    
der Haken the hook    ; the hitch    ; the checkmark    
der Haken the clasp    ; the snag    

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Sample sentences:
Er schraubte den Haken in die Wand und hängte seinen Mantel daran.

He screwed the hook into the wall and hung his coat on it.
Brentley hakte den großen Hecht ab und warf ihn in den roten Eimer. Brentley unhooked the big pike and threw it in the red bucket.
Der Haken ihres Kleides öffnete sich, und ihre samtene Hülle fiel zu Boden. The clasp of her dress opened, and her velvet cover fell to the ground.

He wants us to think about his poem to recognize the details because that is the only way of finding out more about the reality of life. With a lot of observation and analysis we see it in a clearer way.
Completely different education and lifestyle make us incapable of putting ourselves into their situation. Sometimes we regard certain acts or certain laws as barbaric while we ignore the surroundings.
Although the travel guide book mentioned a three star hotel we did not even had to enter the lobby in order to see that we would not sleep there. So we picked another recommendation and drove on.
Most common translations: Geldbörse    Firma    Entwicklung    Daumen    Bilanz    Ausland    Agent    wunderschön    verbringen    so viel   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of hitch   [ hitched, hitched ]
Conjugation of hook   [ hooked, hooked ]