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Translation of Handel

der Handel  the commerce     
der Handel the deal    ; the trade    ; the trading    

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Sample sentences:
Der Handel sucht immer nach neuen Wegen, Kunden mit Preisnachlässen anzuwerben.

Commerce is always looking for some ways to attract customers with discounts.
Jeder Handel muss sehr sorgfältig geprüft werden bevor er abgeschlossen wird. Every deal has to be considered very carefully before being finalized.
Territorialer Zusammenhalt wurde als wichtig erachtet, um den Handel anzukurbeln. Territorial cohesion was considered important to boost trade.

On the way, there were a lot of beautiful, colored trees. Having arrived in a tiny village called Harvard, we got out of the car and walked through the streets. We were very lucky and I will tell you why.
She even compares the hills across the station with the belly of a pregnant woman by saying that they do look like white elephants. Maybe she thinks that way but I am not really sure about that.
I packed my belongings and went looking for my friend. I informed her about the situation and we left the island together. On the ferry she told me about the different travel options that I would have.
Most common translations: Gerücht    Flotte    Erfrischung    Diamant    Blinddarm    Autogramm    Amerikaner    zu    verpassen    speichern   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of deal   [ dealt, dealt ]
Conjugation of trade   [ traded, traded ]