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Translation of handlich

handlich handy    

Translation by Vocabulix


geschickt; handlich, praktisch handy
handlich easy to handle

I hope that it is clear. You may need to press the regional button next to each input field. Then the control panel will open, there you must choose a checkbox. The value will be added to the text. The active input field is marked in green.
The differences between Italian and Spanish are very small. But I see that you speak Spanish better than I speak English. It is still far from perfect, but that is already a start.
Should I call him in August? Will he know who I am? I hope that we will return to Italy in October, then we may take a coffee or a beer together, or we can even go to eat something small.
Most common translations: glänzend    geschlagen    gehässig    fällen    fordern    feilschen    essbar    erleiden    entschlüsseln    ekelhaft