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Translation of Handschrift

die Handschrift the handwriting    

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Sample sentences:
Ohne seine Brille sah ihre Handschrift unscharf aus.

Without his glasses, her handwriting looked fuzzy.

On the contrary, Swiss like to isolate themselves from the rest, maybe because the believe that they are superior or better, or maybe because they are just afraid of the unknown, change is not happening.
Let me continue to tell you about my adventures. So, as I have told you in my last writing I returned to the airport and scheduled a new date for my flight. This time I left myself five more days.
He started to shout and to curse at my wife and me, but we did not give him additional money. I am convinced that he knew exactly that he did not take us to the original hotel but to a fake one.
Most common translations: Haartrockner    Großeltern    Glühwürmchen    Gewirr    Gerüst    Geldtasche    Gedenkstätte    Gangrän    Furcht    Freiheitskämpfer