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Translation of hauptsächlich

hauptsächlich mainly    

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Sample sentences:
In dem Seminar ging es hauptsächlich um das Verhalten von Kohlenwasserstoff unter bestimmten Umständen.

The seminar focused mainly on the behavior of hydrocarbon in certain situations.
Die Zuhörer dieser Radiostation sind hauptsächlich zwischen 16 und 25. The listeners of this radio station are mostly between 16 and 25.
Wir nutzen hauptsächlich Solarenergie aber sind auch ans Stromnetz angeschlossen. We mainly use solar energy but are also connected to the grid.
notwendigerweise; im Wesentlichen; hauptsächlich essentially
grösser; hauptsächlich; vorrangig major
hauptsächlich; in erster Linie primarily

Can we do it one day earlier? 30.April? I probably can't on the 04.05, but I will know just next week. Maybe we can do a phone lesson first and than the writing exercises. I do not feel ready yet.
I slept in the jungle lodge. Dinner was really nice as there was only one restaurant were everybody gathered. My newly acquired friends invited me to join them for dinner and we had a great time.
To be honest, we did not understand one word of what he was saying, because his English was so terrible. Or maybe it wasn't and it was only his accent which we could not grasp. To us it was Chinese.
Most common translations: gottverdammt    gesetzwidrig    geladen    fünfte    fragen    festhalten    evakuieren    ernstlich    entvölkern    eloquent