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Translation of Hausmädchen

das Hausmädchen the housemaid    

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Of course I have already tried, but it did not work. I will try it again. Meanwhile, here is the reason for my short emails... only one hand free at a time, see explanation in the image of me.
Thanks a lot. My wife, daughter and I came back with a flu from the Swiss mountains, but now we are getting better. How are you? 'Vos' is only used in antique Spanish as 'usted', in the singular form of course.
If you want we can exchange our phone numbers, then we can communicate better. I can then correct your German pronunciation, and you can do the same for my Spanish. What do you think?
Most common translations: Handgelenk    Gürtelrose    Grill    Glycin    Gewebe    Gerichtsverhandlung    Geld    Gebärdensprache    Galle    Fundbüro