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Translation of hereinkommen

hereinkommen to come inside; to enter    

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Sample sentences:
Wir machten das Licht aus, damit keine Mücken hereinkamen.

We turned off the light so no midges would come in.

I would like to know if Jack is interested to join us as well. Shared learning is called Tandem. I'm coming in 2 days to Spain. I will pay for the study costs of my daughter, and I assume all other costs as well.
Please explain me the exact differences between British and American .... This year I'm trying to make the TOEFL. We can then discuss how we can prepare for this exam. I failed the first time.
I'm glad as well, thanks for the suggestions. I had little time last week as we had many important meetings. I beg your pardon. Let us continue later. Many greetings from Germany.
Most common translations: hacken    gleich    gereizt    gefährdet    früher    flockig    faul    erwerben    erholen    entkorken   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of enter   [ entered, entered ]