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Translation of herumtanzen

herumtanzen to frisk    

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Everyone says, that I am sending always silly pictures, so here 4 more images. Your picture is very cool, especially the hat, it has a really cool shape. Are there different sizes?
On the second day we drove around Los Angeles. We were totally jet lagged (and so were our kids) and we decided to take it easy on that day. We went to Rodeo Drive as well as Beverly Hills. Both our children slept during the entire afternoon.
Besides, what do you do for living? Where exactly do you live in Venezuela? Southern Germany is also very beautiful with the Alps. Can you understand my German? I would like to improve it.
Most common translations: handhaben    glänzen    geschieden    gehorchen    fähig    forcieren    feilen    esoterisch    erleichtert    entschlussfreudig