German Dictionary

Translation of hinterlistig

hinterlistig disingenuous    ; deceitful    ; insidious    ; shifty    

Translation by Vocabulix


hinterlistig; hinterhältig sneaky
hinterlistig deceitful, artful
raffiniert hinterlistig sneaky
hinterlistig deceitful

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I am a computer scientist and I also have a small restaurant with my younger sister (she is also already 53). You can come and visit, I will buy you a drink and we could chat a little.
I will be doing my second year of studies abroad, probably in Panama. For that I will really want to learn Spanish. I know little about the Spanish language, but I will learn. I can help you with German.
Most common translations: herbeirufen    haarlos    glaubhaft    gerecht    gefrieren    fröhlich    flink    fasziniert    erweisen    erheblich