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Translation of hoch

hoch  tall     
hoch high    ; tall    

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Sample sentences:
Während der trockenen Jahreszeit sind die Ballen hoch brennbar.

During the dry season, the bales are highly flammable.
Im Sommer fluktuierte die Feuchtigkeit, aber war im allgemeinen ziemlich hoch. In the summer, the humidity fluctuated but was generally quite high.
Die Dosis war zu hoch, und sie musste sich übergeben. The dose was too high and she had to throw up.
etwas würdigen; begrüßen; hoch schätzen embrace sth.
hoch am höchsten tall the tallest
entzückt, hoch erfreut delighted
(hoch) geachtet; angesehen considered
(hoch) qualifiziert skilled (in, at)
bewundern; hoch schätzen admire
erheben; (hoch)heben; anheben raise
Hoch qualifiziert highly qualified
groß; hoch gewachsen tall; big

I have the OK. They will make the changes and resend the homework tasks. I think that beginning of July would be a good date to start learning. What do you think? We should not wait too long.
The woman has to decide if she wants to carry the baby or to have an abortion. She is a victim of her own situation, suffering restlessly and thinking continuously about her unwanted pregnancy.
As usually, we had problems with our hotel. At midnight we checked in to our place, and once seeing the room, my wife decided that she would not sleep there. She was right, it was a place with no atmosphere.
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