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Translation of Hopfen

der Hopfen the hop    

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Sample sentences:
Der Arzt schlug gegen seine Wutanfälle Hopfen vor.

The doctor recommended hop against his fits of rage.

First of all I have to say that I am trying not to get myself into a situation where I have to eat thing that I don't like. That means that I have never tried a strange meal or bizzare food.
The cannot do it because of the girl's pregnancy. This fact creates a very unpleasant tension between the two characters, their future seems to hopeless and uncertain. Will they be together?
After a long sleep we ordered a cab which took us from the hotel to the airport. We were a little sad to leave. The flight over the South China Sea lasted two hours. We landed in Hong Kong's new airport.
Most common translations: Hindu    Heizöl    Hauptfach    Halluzination    Gummi    Granatapfel    Glatze    Geselle    Gentrifizierung    Gehirnerschütterung   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of hop   [ hopped, hopped ]