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Translation of hübscheste

hübscheste prettiest    

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Sample sentences:
Sie ist das hübscheste Mädchen der Stadt.

She is the prettiest girl in town.

I have contacted you 12 months ago to propose your school's inclusion in our language school directory. I wanted to inform you that our site achieved high positions in search engines last month.
On the second day we drove around Los Angeles. We were totally jet lagged (and so were our kids) and we decided to take it easy on that day. We went to Rodeo Drive as well as Beverly Hills. Both our children slept during the entire afternoon.
I am also your friend now, how nice is that. I am learning English for a year. I love this language. I already can speak Spanish, because my mother is from Mexico. Your German is really well!
Most common translations: hin    heiß    grotesk    gewaltig    genauso    gar    fremdenfeindlich    fiktiv    exzentrisch    erschüttern