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Hunger in English

der Hunger  the hunger     

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Sample sentences:
Das Verzehren des Seetangs linderte ihren Hunger ein wenig.

Eating the seaweed curbed her hunger a little.
Sie servierten Wachteln, aber ich hatte nach dem Essen immer noch Hunger. They served quail, but I was still hungry after dinner.
Je ärmer Menschen sind, desto mehr hungern sie. The poorer people are, the more they are starving.
vor Hunger sterben starve; to starve
Hast du Hunger? Is jy honger
Ich habe Hunger. I'm hungry.

They played a lot of music (very old fashioned music) and sold apples, cookies, cakes and many drinks. Having enjoyed the apple festival we went for a walk outside the village, meaning the woods.
The belief of somebody that a race or a group of people to which he belongs is superior to another. Even though the word itself stems from the word 'race', its meaning must be generalized.
We felt a little awkward to be the only people in the restaurant and felt a little uncomfortable having taken with us another couple. In addition the Uruguayan cook and owner was drunk, but the food was excellent.
Most common translations: Hackfleisch    Geier    Filet    Enkelkind    Darm    Beziehung    Ausblick    Adieu    wohl    verabreden