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Translation of Beziehung

die Beziehung  the relationship     
die Beziehung the relation    ; the relationship    ; the connection    

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Sample sentences:
Ihr spanischer Freund war extrem launisch, und so hielt die Beziehung nicht lange.

Her Spanish boyfriend was extremely temperamental, so their relationship didn't last.
Wenn er jeden Abend spät nach Hause kommt, ist Ihre Beziehung gefährdet. When he comes home late every night, your relationship is in jeopardy.
Seine häufige Untreue zerstörte ihre Beziehung. His frequent infidelity destroyed their relationship.
Verbindung; Beziehung; Kontakt relationship(1); relationship(1); relationship(1)
zusammen sein; ein Paar sein; eine Beziehung haben to go out with
Beziehung; Verbindung; Verhältnis relationship
eine Beziehung aufbauen form a relationship
Beziehung; (Verwandtschaft) relationship
Beziehung, Verhältnis relationship

please look at the attachments and tell me if there is something missing. I did not want to send you brochures that are intended for the hardware market. The company has experience with all routers.
That is how he forces her into deciding between him and the baby. There is no escape from this dilema. The train that was supposed to arrive did not come yet and it does not look like it will come.
We again connected to the same people and we were wining a little about the fact that we had to share the boat with around seventy other passengers instead of getting a little romantic private tour.
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