German Dictionary

Translation of hupen

hupen to beep    ; to honk    

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Sample sentences:
Unter diesen Umständen, war es eine geniale Idee, zu hupen.

Under these circumstances, blowing his horn was an ingenious idea.

It would be an advantage if you could send it via DHL, UPS or another Currier, because the parcel was lost once when we sent it with regular mail. Please send me a reference number after you send it.
On the second day we drove around Los Angeles. We were totally jet lagged (and so were our kids) and we decided to take it easy on that day. We went to Rodeo Drive as well as Beverly Hills. Both our children slept during the entire afternoon.
I have a lot of fun while learning. Which one do you like better, Spanish or German? Last year I learn approximately 18 months Spanish as a second language, but then we had to leave the course.
Most common translations: heuern    haussierend    grammatikalisch    gespannt    gelb    fünfundneunzig    fragmentarisch    festlich    evolutionär    erobern