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Translation of ihm

ihm him    

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Sample sentences:
Immer wenn ich mit ihm tanzte, war ich selig.

Whenever I danced with him, I was in a state of bliss.
Er hatte eine Nierenkrankheit, und nun erzählte der Arzt ihm, es sei Karma. He had a kidney disease, and now the doctor was telling him it was karma.
Nachdem ich mit ihm zusammenzog entdeckte ich die widerwärtige Wahrheit hinter seinem Reichtum. After I moved in with him, I discovered the unsavory truth behind his wealth.
Geschieht ihm recht Serves him right
ihm Arbeit machen keep him busy
es gelingt ihm he succeed in
ihm; ihn; sein his; him
ihm to him (dat)
ihm to it (dat)
ihn; ihm him
ihm/ihn him
ihn;ihm him

One of my favorite seasons is the winter, the time in which everything is white and bright. But even though I like this time of the year a part of me detests it because of it may drawbacks.
I slept in the jungle lodge. Dinner was really nice as there was only one restaurant were everybody gathered. My newly acquired friends invited me to join them for dinner and we had a great time.
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