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Translation of Instandhaltung

die Instandhaltung the maintenance    ; the servicing    

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Instandhaltung, Wartung maintenance
Wartung, Instandhaltung maintenance
Instandhaltung Maintainance

Please let me summarize: The main problem of the project was the inability of the program to print the screen. The reason is that massive download may stall the connection at even 3Giga, which will result in congestion.
I'm so happy that you wrote to me and I miss you! We are doing great. We have settled in very fast. Luise is going to her kindergarden, Sofia to University and I'm going to work driving my car every day.
I was a little disappointed that I would not arrived at my final destination the same day, but once I considered all options, it was probably the best choice at this time. I was excited to stay.
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