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Translation of Kastanie

die Kastanie the chestnut    

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Sample sentences:
Um Erfrierungen vorzubeugen trugen sie heiße Kastanien in den Taschen.

To avoid frostbite they carried hot chestnuts in their pockets.
Mitglieder, die Regelbruch begingen, wurden mit Kastanien bombardiert. Members who committed a breach of the rules were bombarded with chestnuts.
Wir aßen heiße Kastanien und spazierten auf dem Jahrmarkt herum. We ate hot chestnuts and walked around the fair.

I expect it towards the weekend. Will you by any chance be in Switzerland in the week from June 15 to June 19? Most importantly, I will ask you to send me your homework so that I can correct it.
Now I needed to decide where to go next and I decided to use the information that the girl gave me. I went back into town to the central station and booked a night bus to a place called Palenque.
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