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Translation of Königin

die Königin  the queen     
die Königin the regina    

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Sample sentences:
Während Königin Majas Herrschaft bewachten Flamingos den Palast.

During Queen Maja's reign, flamingos guarded the palace.
Ihrer Krönung folgte ein wunderbares Bankett, und sie war eine schöne Königin. Her coronation was followed by a great banquet, and she was a beautiful queen.
Die Abkürzung E.R. bedeutet Elizabeth Königin. The abbreviation E.R. means Elizabeth Regina.

They played a lot of music (very old fashioned music) and sold apples, cookies, cakes and many drinks. Having enjoyed the apple festival we went for a walk outside the village, meaning the woods.
I received your previous message. Sorry, I did not make the connection earlier, as I did not remember your company's name and have not met Jack Ulmani. You have probably received my address from Allan.
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