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Translation of Kümmel

der Kümmel the caraway    

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Sample sentences:
Um bei der Verdauung fettiger Speisen zu helfen, fügen Sie etwas Kümmel hinzu.

To help digest fatty foods, add some caraway seeds.
Kümmel caraway

He wants to say that peace and brutality are very connected. In one line he is talking about the cleanness and in the next line he is talking about the witches' broth. How good is that, isn't it?
And others are not, some of us are speaking (too) freely about it, without paying attention to what they really say. Some of us know how to restrain because we know that these feelings are malicious.
I was surprised that he charged 5 dollars extra (a total of fifteen instead of ten), because he had to take us to three different locations. I did not buy the whole thing and gave him ten bucks.
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