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Translation of lächeln

lächeln  to smile     
das Lächeln  the smile     

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Sample sentences:
Onkel Rogers Zahnstein war so schlimm, dass er gruselig aussah, wenn er lächelte.

Uncle Roger's calculus was so bad, he looked spooky when he smiled.
Sie hatte ein hübsches Lächeln auf ihrem Gesicht. She had a beautiful smile on her face.
verschmitzt lächeln to smile whimsically
ein Lächeln entlocken to raise a smile
zweideutiges Lächeln Siamese smile

Although it is very cold, I love the fresh air there. After an hour and after finishing the getting dressed in warm winter-clothes I am usually ready for skiing. Normally I like to go out early.
On Friday we are flying to Switzerland and then on Monday we will continue to Boston, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. I am very excited. Maybe this is going to be a great experience again.
There were heaps of people in this area and we really had to struggle to get through the crowds. We drank a few beers and a couple glasses of wine and being totally tipsy Lili decided she needed to return.
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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of lächeln
lächle  lächelst  lächelt  lächeln  lächelt  lächeln  lächelte  lächeltest  lächelte  lächelten  lächeltet  lächelten     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of smile   [ smiled, smiled ]