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Translation of smile in German

to smile      lächeln 
the smile      das Lächeln 

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Sample sentences:
The underside of the big ray looked like a smiling face.

Die Unterseite des großen Rochen sah aus wie ein lächelndes Gesicht.
She had a beautiful smile on her face. Sie hatte ein hübsches Lächeln auf ihrem Gesicht.
Uncle Roger's calculus was so bad, he looked spooky when he smiled. Onkel Rogers Zahnstein war so schlimm, dass er gruselig aussah, wenn er lächelte.
to smile whimsically verschmitzt lächeln
to smile at somebody jemanden anlächeln
to raise a smile ein Lächeln entlocken
smile at somebody jemanden anlächeln,
smile at somebody jemanden zulächeln
Siamese smile zweideutiges Lächeln
smile Lächeln, lächeln
smile Lächeln; lächeln
the smile(s) das Lächeln

I am waiting for you from now. It's good to live in an other country for a while.I would also like to do it, but I have a son, he is 2 years old, and he needs his father. Wish you a nice day!
I learn things really fast and easily. I also know Italian well. I can make whole conversations in Italian. You are a fast learner, because Italian is a hard language to learn, especially for German speakers.
The road was a really horrible, but the lakes and the surrounding woods were colorful and impressive. We drove for two hours through the forest towards San Martin de los Andes, but decided to turn back before it got dark.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of smile   [ smiled, smiled ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of lächeln
lächle  lächelst  lächelt  lächeln  lächelt  lächeln  lächelte  lächeltest  lächelte  lächelten  lächeltet  lächelten