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Translation of leer

leer  empty     
leer vacant    

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Sample sentences:
Die Nacktschnecke war froh, dass das Schneckenhaus leer stand.

The slug was pleased that the snail house was vacant.
Das Pförtnerhaus war um diese Zeit leer, und er kam unbemerkt daran vorbei. The gatehouse was empty at this time, and he passed unnoticed.
Zehn Minuten vor dem Meeting war der Sitzungssaal immer noch leer. The boardroom was still empty ten minutes before the meeting.

The new router will be tested with XTB's solution at the laboratory in Germany by Anika and Julia. In case of success, reports and profiles will be sent to TBX about the progress and the right parameters.
The woman has to decide if she wants to carry the baby or to have an abortion. She is a victim of her own situation, suffering restlessly and thinking continuously about her unwanted pregnancy.
Fortunately the bay we anchored was very calm and the ship did not move at all, or at least one could not feel it. We prepared for dinner and went to the deck, where everybody else was sitting.
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