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Translation of Student

der Student  the student     
der Student the undergraduate    

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Sample sentences:
Der Direktor war erfreut darüber, dass die internationalen Studenten sich gut machten.

The principal was pleased to see the international students do well.
Die Studenten verlangten die umgehende Beschlagnahme aller plagiierten Inhalte. The students demanded the seizure of all plagiarized materials.
Die Studenten sollten die Spannung im Aluminiumteil des Gerätes messen. The students were supposed to measure the voltage in the aluminum part of the appliance.
Der Student, Studenten the male student(s)
Schüler/in, Student/in student
Schüler, Student student
Schüler; Student student
Schüler/Student student
Student(in) undergraduate
(der) Student student
student/in student

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