German Dictionary

Translation of Lkw

der Lkw the lorry    ; the truck    ; the van    

Translation by Vocabulix


Lkw HGV; heavy goods vehicle
LKW-Fahrer lorry driver
lastwagen; lkw lorry
LKW (AE) truck
LKW (BE) lorry

We drove towards the university where he studied and from there we drove to the hospital where he worked. He told me that there were hospitals for locals and for foreigners with different medical equipment and staff.
It is a thought that someone may have if he does not know anything about another group of individuals. He hears many stereotypes and blindly creates his own images in which he strongly believes.
Sorry for bothering you with so many questions. You are going to be my first online language course. The more I trust you and your website, the more I will use it and recommend it...No problem...
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