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Translation of Los

das Los the destiny    ; the fate    

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Sample sentences:
Er machte das Joch der Kuh los und ließ sie frei.

He undid the cow's yoke and let her run free.
Die Cowboys ritten auf ihren Pferden los um den Tod ihres Kumpels zu rächen. The cowboys were heading out on their horses to revenge the death of their fella.
Miriam ließ ihren Schnuller niemals los, was ihren Zähnen nicht gerade gutbekam. Miriam never let go of her pacifier, which didn't do her teeth any good.
achtung, fertig, los ready, steady, go!
was ist los? what's up?; what's up
ging los went off; a gun = fired
Was ist los?2 What's the matter?
das los entscheidet cast lots
Komm/Kommt schon!/Los! Come on!
was ist los? what`s the matter?
was ist los what's the matter
was ist los? what's the matter?

Only an independent observer would be able to judge nature, for example God. In this poem the independent power is the witch who cooks her soup of nature, she knows what ingredients she needs to add.
He advised against traveling in this region at night as they were many violent robberies and one should return before dusk. He told me that he himself got robbed about two months earlier just here.
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