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Translation of fate in German

the fate     das Schicksal
the fate     das Los

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Sample sentences:
The awful fate of getting old is something we all have to get used to.

Das schreckliche Schicksal des Älterwerdens ist etwas, an das wir alle uns gewöhnen müssen.
Many addicts live in the streets and suffer a cruel fate. Viele Drogenabhängige leben auf der Straße und haben ein grausames Schicksal.
destiny, fate Schicksal
fate [*](1) Schicksal

The places we have been to were very different from the one we saw in the other country. It looked less poor and much more orgnaized although not every one could tell the difference. Funny.
So was the food. We ate French fries and a steak. We found that bizarre. After dinner we bought some books about the area and about South East Asia in general. They we second hand books.
At around 6pm. we were back at the Chilean border and we were happy to change cars (to the mini bus again) and seeing a paved road. It took us another hour to get back to our hotel.
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