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Translation of Mappe

die Mappe the folder    ; the portfolio    

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Sample sentences:
Der Professor hatte in dieser Mappe Bilder von den erstaunlichsten Chimären gesammelt.

The professor had collected pictures of the most dazzling chimeras in this binder.
Ihre Mappe sicherte ihr einen Platz an der Berliner Akademie der Künste. Her portfolio secured her a place at the Berlin Academy of the Arts.
Flügelmappe/Mappe folder
Mappe; Schnellhefter folder
Mappe,Ringbuch folder

I found the idea of having two health care systems disgusting. We entered the rooms of the local hospital and the images there were horrifying. I don't know why he took me there until this day.
The letter and the date are fine. Let me know how many people are interested. I cannot promise that it will work. The size however is OK. It is worth a trial, maybe even the ones with Spanish words.
The same evening we left Patagonia and flew to the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. We have waited a long time for this moment as we have not been in a city for almost two weeks and we usually love the city.
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