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Translation of Mieder

das Mieder the corsage    

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Sample sentences:
Das Mieder saß so eng, dass sie beinahe in Ohnmacht fiel.

The corsage sat so tight, she almost fainted.

Luckily it didn't happen to me, my kids really grew up with us all the time. And besides, they are not allowed do that, because they are monitored endlessly. If they don't attend class they could find themselves on the next train going home.
Sorry that I answer so late but I was in Africa on vacation. What do you want to study in university? I think the most interesting are science studies, and it pays off, cause salaries are high.
Sure we can do that. What will you be doing there? Spanish lessons? I am simply trying to understand. I will translate the text into Spanish. Many greetings and I would love to see you soon.
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