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Translation of Nachmittag

der Nachmittag  the afternoon     

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Sample sentences:
An diesem Nachmittag besuchte Maria einen Arzt, der Ihr ein Rezept verschrieb.

This afternoon Maria went to see the physician who gave her a prescription.
an jenem Tag; an jenem Nachmittag; in jener Nacht that day; that afternoon; that night
am Nachmittag; nachmittags in the afternoon; in the afternoon(1)
Nachmittag; a.m; a.p. afternoon; Vormittag; Nachmittag
der Nachmittag, Nachmittage the afternoon(s)
am Dienstag Nachmittag on Tuesday afternoon
an jenem nachmittag that afternoon

Do you need them as hard or soft copy? Donna, I forgot I can't on Wednesday... My family is coming for the weekend. Maybe we can do it one week later? I am kindly asking you to tell also Harry.
It can also be directed against a group of people who have anything in common, such as religion or being from the same nation. Being that it gives one the fake feeling of superiority and self-confidence.
After a short guided tour we came back to pick up our luggage and left to the airport. When the airplane took off it was already dark outside. We were surprised about the airline's good condition and service.
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