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Translation of afternoon in German

the afternoon      der Nachmittag 

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Sample sentences:
This afternoon Maria went to see the physician who gave her a prescription.

An diesem Nachmittag besuchte Maria einen Arzt, der Ihr ein Rezept verschrieb.
that day; that afternoon; that night an jenem Tag; an jenem Nachmittag; in jener Nacht
in the afternoon; in the afternoon(1) am Nachmittag; nachmittags
afternoon; Vormittag; Nachmittag Nachmittag; a.m; a.p.
Late August Afternoon Spätherbstnachmittage
the afternoon(s) der Nachmittag, Nachmittage
on Tuesday afternoon am Dienstag Nachmittag
Good afternoon Guten Tag (nachmittags)
Good afternoon! Guten Tag. (12-18Uhr)
that afternoon an jenem nachmittag
good afternoon Guten Nachmittag
good afternoon Guten Tag

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