German Dictionary

Translation of Nelke

die Nelke the carnation    ; the pink    ; the clove    

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Sample sentences:
Eine Nelke blieb in seiner Luftröhre stecken, und er hustete heftig.

A clove got stuck in his windpipe, and he coughed violently.

I was wondering whether such a technology is suitable for your home. I would like to meet you in person and explain you a little more about the implementation, the advantages and the drawbacks.
I went back to the busterminal and dressed for the ride. That means I put on long pants and my hiking boots. Friends have warned me about freezing conditions during bus rides because of airconditioning.
At around eight in the evening we were back, took a hot shower and met our friends for a fancy dinner. They were leaving the country the next day and we would stay there another three days.
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