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Translation of Pelzhändler

der Pelzhändler the skinner    

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Sample sentences:
Der Pelzhändler verkaufte ihr einen Fuchspelzkragen für 300 Dollar.

The skinner sold her a fox fur collar for 300 dollars.

It actually happened to my cousin's youngest kid. He was repeatedly warned not to smoke in the courtyard of the school. At the end he found himself expelled from the school. It could have been an interesting experience for him though.
I have sent you my e-mail address. If you want to write me there, I could view the messages immediately. It would be easier than on the Vocabulix forum, as I'm not online often enough.
When I flew to Korea, I was very nervous because this was the first time I had visited a country outside the European Union. Asia is far away for us and is culturally very different.
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