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Translation of Pommes

die Pommes the french fries

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Sample sentences:
Indem ich deine Anweisungen befolgte gelangen mir die Pommes wunderbar knusprig.

Following your instructions, the chips turned out amazingly crispy.
Pommes frites french fries; >> chips BE
Pommes frites chips (french fries)
Pommes frites chips; French fries
pommes frites fries, French fries
die Pommes frites french fries
Pommes chips; french friese

My first stop was great. I went there by myself not knowing anyone. I hired a room for two nights and walked around the city. After I had moved to my second stop for another two days something strange happened.
Once they see a foreign person, their primitive thoughts come up and they start to hate and dislike without any actual reason. Whose fault is this hate? Is the fault of the ones who are afraid.
We then went out to have a drink at a bar near the hotel. There were mostly foreigners at the bar. All in all, we had the impression that there were many Westerners living in the city which gave this mix.
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