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Translation of pro

pro per    

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Sample sentences:
Wir hatten zwei Stück belgische Schokolade pro Person einkalkuliert.

We had calculated two pieces of Belgian chocolate per person.
Reisbällchen kosten 200 Yen pro Stück. Rice balls are 200 yen apiece.
pro Stück (Küche) per serving
pro Kopf Einkommen per capita income
Pro-Kopf-Einkommen per capita income

First of all I have to say that I am trying not to get myself into a situation where I have to eat thing that I don't like. That means that I have never tried a strange meal or bizzare food.
I slept in the jungle lodge. Dinner was really nice as there was only one restaurant were everybody gathered. My newly acquired friends invited me to join them for dinner and we had a great time.
The very young cab driver took us into town and we started to look for a place. We picked a name in the guide booked, told the driver where to go and arrived there two minutes later.
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