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Translation of Redensart

die Redensart the idiom    ; the saying    

Translation by Vocabulix


Sprichwort, Redensart saying
Spruch; Redensart a saying

For example, if I am working very early in the morning, let's say 06.00 (that would be 09.00 your time), I don't notice it much. But 9 hours later, the system slows down, because people in Europe get online.
Sometimes I visit Vocabulix to meet new people. It is true that one could do the same on Facebook, but the FB page is rather for friends, and you are less likely to contact strangers for this purpose.
Nice to meet you... Yes i need help in Portuguese. I am form Spain and I can help you with my native language if you have email or a phone, so that we can talk directly. Please call me.
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