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Translation of schaben

schaben to scrape    

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schaben; kratzen; scharren scrape
Schaben cockroaches

I hope you could understand my last letter to you. You see, when I write in Spanish I am not very confident. I always question myself and each and every sentence takes about fifteen minutes.
In my opinion, this is another thing, it is rooted in history. People of different countries will always point to their neighbor's mistakes, a vicious cirlce arises which is very hard to avoid.
Eating in that Sushi place was fan as everybody was greeted loudly whenever entering the restaurant. The quality of the Sushi was not the best, it was a fast food place, but we really enjoyed it.
Do you know the meaning of? riskieren    rebellieren    prosaisch    picklig    optimistisch    niederreißen    nachtaktiv    moderat    mausen    locker