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Translation of Scharnier

das Scharnier the hinge    

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Sample sentences:
Die quietschenden Scharniere der Saloontüren kündigten Billys Ankunft an.

The squeaky hinges of the saloon doors announced Billy's arrival.
Scharnier hinge

There we saw a lot of these beautiful trees which I had heard about when I was back in Germany. We visited the folliage and saw some amazing lakes in the northern part of the state, different from the rest.
But we need to asked ourselves why we actually are built in such a way that we so easily dislike others and build stereotypes. What leads to such behavior even in well educated individuals?
We told the cabdriver the streetname we would like to go and he brought us there. This time the place did look like a three star hotel and we booked a night. I went to pay for the taxi ride.
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