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Translation of schlapp

schlapp nerveless    

Translation by Vocabulix


schlaf, schlapp flabby
schlaff,schlapp limp
schlapp floppy

I think we will start Spanish-English and then German-Spanish. Were my explanations clear that when the correct word appeared in the alternative suggestions one needs just to press skip? I think it is normal.
True, I forgot the 'I' when I have copied and pasted the entire text field. I assume it is the regular form, isn't it? However, the formal form in Spain is a little different to what we are using in Mexico.
It's very good for me to be a member at Vocabulix be because I meet many new people. I'm currently being trained to be travel consultant and I really need English and Spanish and maybe other languages.
Do you know the meaning of? rückläufig    relativ    quietschend    praktizieren    peitschen    obenauf    neuartig    mühelos    ministeriell    mal