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Translation of sechsundneunzig

sechsundneunzig ninety-six    

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On the other sites I work with every 3 to 6 months developers are called together to exchange experiences. Everybody is kept up to date and new projects are introduced. It is good for workflow.
Therefore we use only the Vocabulix dictionary in our class. It has good features and a large vocabulary base. I will have to send you a few sentences for rewriting if that is OK with you, because the whole is mixed up.
I'm from England and am learning German. Maybe we can share tips and tricks. How's your level? If you want to practice together, we can make voice over IP calls and write letters and correct each other.
Do you know the meaning of? schokoladig    schlafen    räuchern    reizbar    quartalsweise    posthum    patriotisch    nörglerisch    nervend    mäßig