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Translation of Seelöwe

der Seelöwe the sea lion

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Sample sentences:
Ein paar Seelöwen ruhten sich am Kai aus, als wir von unserem Fang zurückkamen.

Some sea lions were resting at the wharf when we got back from our haul.
ein Seelöwe a sea lion
Seelöwe sea lion

The mothers of my girlfriends were so insulted when I never wanted to eat their food. I mean, in the beginning they liked me, but once the saw my eating habits everything changed. I guess I blew it.
And others are not, some of us are speaking (too) freely about it, without paying attention to what they really say. Some of us know how to restrain because we know that these feelings are malicious.
Police cars drove around the town and called all citizens and tourists to leave the island immediately. I was told, that the hurricane which was supposed to go over Cuba was on the way to us.
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