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Translation of sich benehmen

sich benehmen  to behave     
sich benehmen  to behave     

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sich verhalten; sich benehmen to behave
sich benehmen to behave*
sich benehmen to behave

Last weekend some friends of mine and I took a trip to the North-West of Massachussets to see the leaves which have changed their colors. All over the world people talk about the autumn in Boston.
The writer describes this situation by putting the persons into a natural environment. On one side there was no shade and there weren't any trees, he says. This description can be interpreted.
I made plans to visit a surfing contest with a girl that I have met on the first day. We agreed to meet at ten in the morning at her place. I couldn't keep my eyes open and decided to quit.
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Conjugation of behave   [ behaved, bed ]