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Sneakers sneakers    

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I work as an actor in the theater. I have studied English for seven years, French and Spanish for two years. Well, my level of Spanish is too low to have a good conversation, but I understand it.
In order to quickly become successful, one would have to change certain points, at least in my opinion: After 5 months of learning, I have still not found the grammar practice on which I should concentrate.
How long have you had your dog? Does your wife take him for a walk too? Please send me my e-mails to the address listed below and add your own pictures too. I want to know a lot about you.
Do you know the meaning of? Sichtbarkeit    Seismograf    Schwierigkeiten    Schulmädchen    Schnurrhaar    Schlumpf    Schiffsrumpf    Scham    Same    Räuber